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We've Built a Smarter and More Efficient Analyst

Kai is the core AI and Machine Learning system that powers StocksRank's main functionalities. From historical SEC filings to real-time stock quotes, Kai examines millions of data points every second to analyze stocks from a purely objective standpoint.


Kai Score

Using predictive analytics, Kai investigates the correlation between stocks' attributes and future performance. Kai Score captures this sophisticated analysis in an easy-to-understand numerical rank.

Sentiment Analysis

Through natural language processing, Kai analyzes social media, blogs, and thousands of news articles every day to gain an understanding of how sentiment is shifting for each and every stock.

Chart Pattern Recognition

Kai reliably recognizes multiple different chart patterns, so that you can find bullish and bearish setups without ever having to draw a single trend line.

Simple Statistics

Traditional analysts often rely on simple statistical models and gut feelings to identify investment opportunities.

Limited Analysis

A typical analyst has limited time and energy during the workweek, and can only keep track of a few dozen stocks at a time.


Ratings from Wall Street and many other social investing platforms are often biased by conflicts of interest.


Advanced Analytics

Using the power of big data and predictive analytics, Kai helps you identify the most attractive investments objectively.

24/7 Deeper Coverage

Kai reviews its recommendations of more than 7600 stocks 24/7, so that you are always informed of the best investments.


Kai's sole focus is on uncovering the most profitable investments for you. It treats each stock -- whether it's a small cap or large cap stock -- with the same depth of analysis.

Uncover New Opportunities

Finding investment ideas is difficult, and picking a winner is even more difficult. You can have it easier. With predictive analytics, Kai computes correlations between stocks’ attributes and their future performance. Kai Score captures this correlation in an easy-to-understand rating system.

Knowledge is Power

Kai gets smarter every second: continuously learning and adapting to the changing market landscape. It evaluates information faster than any human analyst in an unbiased and efficient manner. Kai never stops working, never gets distracted and never misses a clue in the clamor of the market.

Kai Cuts Through The Noise of Big Data to Find You the Best Investments

Analyze big data and find new patterns without hiring a team of data scientists. Kai takes mere seconds to comprehensively analyze millions of data points to give you a clear and immediate picture of stocks that have potential.

Kai not only examines equity data, stock quotes, trading volume, SEC filings, and structured financial data, but also interprets news, blogs and social media to give you a sentiment analysis of key stocks and value, growth and momentum scores. With Kai, you can cut through financial noise more efficiently than ever.

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